3D synthetic eyelash making process

- Sep 04, 2018-

Synthetic eyelashes are false eyelashes that hook the hair and the side of the yarn with a crochet hook. Choose a fine crepe edge with better texture. The selected yarn edge should be straight and cannot be bent. Cut a crepe edge strip 3 cm wide with a scissors vertical wire. The nail edge strips are flatly nailed to the wooden helmet, and the nails are flattened, otherwise it is difficult to hook the hair with a crochet hook. According to the needs of art, the choice of hair color and thickness must be picked beforehand, and it will be carried out smoothly. Use a small crochet hook to hook up one by one on the edge of the yarn. The distance and density of the hair should be mastered as needed. When hooking the hair, the yarn edge of each hook should not be too wide. If it is wide, the eyelash will be deformed. If it is thin, the yarn edge will be loosened, which will cause the hook eyelash to fail. After the entire yarn edge is hooked, the cut is opened according to the required width, and the final processing and trimming is performed according to the cold ironing method of the thread eyelash.