Precautions after grafting eyelashes

- Sep 04, 2018-

Do not touch the water within 3 hours after grafting. Water affects the effectiveness of the glue, which affects durability. And it will make the glue white. After grafting the eyelashes, you don't need to apply mascara. You can draw eye makeup normally, but do not use oil-containing products when removing makeup. Therefore, please prepare cleansing milk or makeup remover in advance. When removing makeup, use a cotton swab to gently wipe it to prevent the false eyelashes from falling off in advance. When you find that there are false eyelashes to fall off, don't rub your hands, which will greatly damage your eyelashes. You can use a comb to comb the eyelashes and wait for it to fall naturally. In about 2 weeks, the eyelashes drop is quite powerful, you can go to the store and let the technicians remove them in a professional way.