The inner component of the eyelash growth liquid

- Sep 04, 2018-

Eyelash growth fluid is a function of biological enzyme "EPM", distillate, hair follicle growth factor, etc. It can be used to make hair cells and form tissue. The secondary of sleep can be activated. l The hair follicle germ tissue promotes the rapid growth of eyelashes. Applicable people with eyelash growth solution Eyelashes are rare, eyelashes are short, post-operative or postpartum eyelash removal. At the end of 2006, American Eye Health Company produced a prescription drug for the treatment of glaucoma. One of the ingredients, “bimatoprost”, was unintentionally found to allow eyelash growth. Therefore, many cosmetic companies use “bimatoprost” to produce Latisse. However, Eyesight Company subsequently stated that Lumigan eye drops have other side effects, making the eyes red, itchy, etc., and the eyelash growth caused by eye drops is not lasting. About a year later, Anglo-American medical management warned that excessive use of bimatoprost may cause optic nerve damage, which may lead to decreased vision or even blindness, and may also cause swelling of the retina and inflammation of the eyes.