The principle of action of eyelash growth liquid

- Sep 04, 2018-

The main role: to promote the normal growth of eyebrows, improve the symptoms of hair follicle development, make the eyelashes dense, long.Since the hair follicle tissue of the eyebrows is at the end of the blood circulation, various physiological and pathological causes of the human body can cause hair follicle tissue and insufficient nutrient supply, which is the main reason for the sparse eyebrows of most people.

1. Thoroughly clean the face before going to bed, open the stylus cap, turn the top of the stylus clockwise to make the liquid seep on the brush, and gently apply the mascara to the root of the upper lash with a brush. After painting, brush the eyelashes with a brush to curl up the eyelashes. It is better to insist on using this product every day.

2. Do not rotate too much each time you rotate the eyelash pencil tube. Just squeeze a little, otherwise the liquid will drip out; avoid liquid dripping into your eyes; if you accidentally get your eyes, you can wash it with water.

3. After use, do not turn the eyelash pencil again, and immediately tighten the eyelash pencil cap to prevent the liquid in the pen from evaporating.