3D Suede Eyelashes Color Selection

- Sep 04, 2018-

In order to make the false eyelashes look natural when they are tied together with their own eyelashes, you should choose dark brown or black for Asian women. Choose the false eyelashes in addition to the style, but also look at the stem of the false eyelashes. The stalks of false eyelashes are generally divided into three types: fish stalks, cotton stalks, and plastic stalks. Because the cotton stalk is very soft, it does not stick to the eyelids, and it is not easy to lift. However, the disadvantage is that the stalk is easy to bend and deform after being torn off, and the repeated utilization rate is low; the fishline stalk wins better in makeup and is transparent and invisible. It is convenient to cut a bundle of stickers, and the original color of the false false eyelashes can be maintained after being torn off. For everyday light makeup, the natural false eyelashes of soft stems are generally not only comfortable to wear, but also invisible.