Create A Big-eyed Doll With False Eyelashes

- Sep 04, 2018-

How to brush, eyelashes are not always long and curled? False eyelashes are your savior! It’s not a dream to wear all kinds of eyelashes like changing clothes! First use the three-stage clip method to clip the eyelashes out of the arc so as not to blend with the curvature of the false eyelashes. A small local special eyelash curler can be used for the details that cannot be clipped. Carefully remove the false eyelashes with tweezers. A single box of false eyelashes with good texture can be used repeatedly for many times. The texture of the whole box is rough, but the effect is quite natural, and it can be used up to 2 to 3 times. Carefully pinch the ends of the false eyelashes with both hands, repeatedly bending out the curvature and making the false eyelashes flexible. The mirror is facing yourself, first put the false eyelashes on your eyes and put them on your eyes. Then use a special small scissors to trim the eyelashes, cut off the extra lines at both ends, and trim them according to the length of the eyes. Hold the false eyelashes with tweezers and carefully apply the eyelashes to the connecting lines of the false eyelashes with a small brush. Wait a few seconds, use a pair of false eyelashes with a pair of tweezers to fix the middle to the middle of the eyelids. Then help adjust the head and tail by hand and fix it.