How Long Does The Eyelashes Graft The Mink

- Sep 04, 2018-

It is usually around 15-25 days. But it is also necessary to divide the situation. The thicker general retention time will be around 25 days, but the possibility of 15 days is not ruled out (provided you rub your eyes, use oily makeup remover, and use mascara). The thicker ones are easy to fall when washing and removing makeup, and the damage to the eyelashes is also larger. Naturally, in about half a month, there is no good look that is densely picked up. But it is suitable for light makeup on weekdays. Sometimes you need heavy makeup to apply a pair of natural false eyelashes.

After thick face washing, it is easy to hook the towel when wiping with a towel, so it is easy to fall off and fall off with your own eyelashes. Naturally, it will be much better than it is, and it is not easy to fall off. If your own eyelashes are longer, it is recommended to connect 10-12mm eyelashes. It is recommended to connect 7-10(9)mm for short eyelashes. However, relatively speaking, it is recommended to take the natural, my eyelashes are not easy to fall, and the thicker my own eyelashes are bad.