The Difference Between Grafting Eyelashes And Planting Eyelashes

- Sep 04, 2018-

Grafting is glued, and planting eyelashes is to remove the hair follicles under your scalp and implant them into the roots of the eyelashes. This will grow long and unnatural. If you just need to trim after planting, it will not grow to a certain extent. Long, because the eyebrows of the eye are not as nutritious as the scalp, so after 3 months, the length you want is basically fixed. The grafting is safer because the grafting is sticky, there is no risk, but the time is not maintained. Long ~ Grafting is generally about 50. Can keep 3 months of copying the eyes are very beautiful, but uncomfortable, itchy eyes, can not blink your eyes, a glimpse of the fall is gone. Content from dedecms to protect the eyelashes are generally from your own The choice of hair in the transplant, the most suitable is the hair, and the problem is that the hair growth cycle is much faster than the eyelashes, must be trimmed often, otherwise it will grow long and long, more affecting the appearance, according to professional beauty doctors, at least To continue this kind of pruning for two years, you can stop.